Taikee: Delivering Better Lives To India's Corner Stores

CIO Vendor Offering convenience is the key lever that has driven start-ups to success over the last decade in India. While we see many innovators working on it in the B2C domain, there are limited players that think about creating convenient solutions for the vast B2B consumer segment. Taikee by Peel-works, is one such brand that is trying to revamp the traditional distribution setup for grocery retailers in India. 80% of the grocery, a $300 billion USD category, flows through Corner Stores (commonly known as kirana stores) in the country and accounts for deep understanding of their consumer behaviour pattern. Through its advanced tech based B2B e-commerce platform, Taikee enables these stores access to a wide assortment of relevant products.

“We help them grow by providing key levers of profitability via competitive margins, expedited deliveries, small basket sizes and access to credit. Besides enabling stores, we also enable brands and manufacturers direct access to this large set of retailers, so that they can distribute their products with a more cost effective marketing and distribution approach.” said Sachin Chabbra, Founder, Peel-Works.

Founded in 2010 by Sachin Chhabra and Nidhi Ramachandran, the company has a direct tie-up with leading FMCG brands, making it convenient for traditional grocery retailers to source a wide assortment at low prices through a single app, instead of interacting with salesmen of multiple brands.

There are approximately 12 Million Corner Stores in India, that have access to detailed consumer insights and buying patterns, but these stores (spread across both rural and urban cities) face inventory and distribution issues in a traditional market setup. Taikee simplifies their lives by providing solutions to such problems using advanced tech, coupled with an easy to use interface.

“With our personalised automation powered by custom AI and Machine Learning algorithms, we are able to show relevant products to every customer in real-time. We are also able to remind them to replenish the contextual stock through automated push notifications and intelligent insights” added Shashwat Srivastava, CPO, Taikee.
With no hidden charges (AFP- Asterix free pricing), easy registration, limited number of clicks, shipment tracking and post purchase support, Taikee’s services can be easily used by the humble corner store owners. The company’s inventory based business model is driven by ensuring unit level profitability and is therefore scalable to multiple cities and towns in a short period of time.

India’s Corner Stores, have a true understanding of their customer needs but often fail to meet demands due to inventory gaps and blocked working capital in a traditional distributor setup. Taikee’s solution to this problem is handled through sourcing, sales and fulfillment teams, all resting on a strong tech pillar. Besides these, Taikee is also committed to solving working capital issues for retailers by offering credit at minimal interest rates via leading NBFCs.

Taikee by Peel-works, is one such brand that is trying to revamp the traditional distribution setup for grocery retailers in India

Going forward, the company’s goal is to identify precise customer needs, including restocking, product shelf life and more. “We pride ourselves in a decade long understanding of the Indian Corner Store market and have been able to identify effective solutions to problems faced by retailers. Peel-Works has already crossed several milestones on the path to become the most cost-effective, reliable, authentic and predictable, supplier partner of grocery in India.” said Sachin Chhabra.