Atmax: Next-gen Employee Compensation & Incentive Management Solutions

CIO Vendor The success of a company is often determined by the prowess of the sales team. There is no denying the fact that the sales department is the heartbeat of a company as it plays an indispensable role in driving organizational growth. It is essential for organizations to boost the morale of the most essential department and this is where sales incentive and compensation management software comes into the picture.

Powered by the intelligent amalgamation of automation and cutting-edge technology, Atmax’s next-gen Compensation & Incentive management software helps companies to bolster the productivity of the sales department with end-to-end transparency and reduce attrition of top performers which is the biggest worry of any CXO.

A vast maQjority of organizations in India automate the entire HR and sales function. However, compensation and incentives are still done on custom tools and excel sheets. Atmax aims to bridge this gap by completely automating these data-driven compensation processes with its state-of-the-art software Paymax and Incentmax. Paymax aims to streamline the fixed salary process.

It also enables organizations to drive equal pay for equal work with a seamless and optimum salary distribution to maintain compensation parity. The automated salary process helps companies to achieve efficiency, save time, and reduce process cost. Furthermore, it provides valuable insights to the management which helps in the decision-making process when it comes to employee retention, appraisals, setting benchmarks, and more. Paymax covers all the parameters ranging from loyalty to tenure that plays an integral part in determining incentives.
Different parameters can be put into a simulation to make the process more transparent.

Incentmax is another automated solution that drives the variable aspects of the salary structure. Around 20- 50 percent salary of the salespeople is subjected to incentives. So, it is of utmost importance for an organization to ensure that the incentive structure is well aligned with the organizational strategy. This can be achieved by ensuring the KPIs based on which organization rewards an employee.

Incentmax helps to monitor sales performance based on different KPIs. It helps organizations to formulate the right incentive plans to drive the right behaviour through KPIs. It provides the end-users (salesperson) with transparent views of their earnings and monitor self-performance. The managers can have access to all these dashboards to monitor all the aspects of a team member's performance.

Atmax offers Software-as-a-service with its advanced tools. A 50-year-old renowned company with 4000+ sales people reached out to Atmax to streamline the Incentive management process. They had very little transparency in terms of the views of the end-user. With the help of Atmax’s Incentmax solution, the company is going to achieve a seamless and error-free Incentive management process. The automated process is going to help them to achieve outputfrom 15-30 days to just 3 to 4 days.

Atmax aims to provide customers 5-10 percent higher sales results with value-driven solutions. The company is providing these two products to help organizations to retain their best performers and attain superior productivity. The company is currently looking to enrich its presence in South-East Asia.

'We are one of the 1st company based in Asia-Pacific who has dedicated products for managing both variable salary and fixed salary', says Varun Gupta, Founder & CEO of Atmax Technologies. Currently, Atmax is also looking to expand its services in the unorganized sector which involves a lot of agents and third parties.