Vxceed: Delivering a Strong Eco-system of Sales Engagement Platform

CIO Vendor Internet penetration has not only connected people but has provided businesses with opportunities to enhance their brand visibility strategically across channels, irrespective of space and time, and also delivering more appropriate and flexible Go-To-Market (GTM) models. With changing customer demands, even the conventional demand fulfillment models are being reinvented to provide necessary speed, flexibility and scalability. Hence, businesses need an efficient customer-centric sales and marketing approach to stay relevant in this disruptive market. A strong eco-system centered on sales engagement platform which is capable of integrating data silos is the need of the hour. With numerous sales tools flooding the market, growing companies need to be careful in choosing their partner who can hand-hold them, so as to keep pace with ever changing market scenario.

Understanding this situation, Vxceed provides a sales and distribution platform - XnappSales - which is easy to adopt with domain rich features and real time decision support at every stage of the operations from planning to execution. The company has been focusing on its customers' key KPIs through user experience, configurable process management interlocked with business objectives to deliver right fit solution, and contextual analytics incorporated in the process flows.

"We focus on the critical filters of the business verticals that keep emerging from time to time, i.e. Cost to Serve, Optimal Trade spend, Service Quality enhancement, Market expansion, PST (Profiling, Segmentation & Targeting) of the Retailers, Direct Connect to retailers, to name a few, " adds Anupam Sinha, CEO, Vxceed.

Multidimensional Framework for Demand Capture
XnappSales is an extensive solution utilized by brand owners and distributors to plan, implement, and monitor every stage of the Demand
Chain operations. It also provides users with a single solution for a range of tasks and influences better decision making through near real-time assessment of buying trends, geographical information and other seasonal factors. Furthermore, based on the past puchases, neighbourhood purchases, and retailer's profile, XnappSales makes thorough analysis of the data and comes up with suggested orders, thereby helping to eliminate the occurrence of an Out of Stock Scenario (OOS), thus ensuring a higher return-per-visit.

XnappSales is an extensive solution utilized by major manufacturers and distributors to monitor and enhance every stage of the Demand Supply Chain Execution process from Demand Capture to Demand Fulfillment

Enabling Direct Connect to the Retailer
Xnapp has a component - GoOrdR that aids businesses in connecting directly with the retailers. This goes beyond demand capture by establishing a direct two-way communication between the enterprise and the retailer which helps to build relationship with the retailers for seamless exchange of information. It also allows retailer to access transaction history. Moreover, it provides a real-time intervention to manage many of the hiccups such as out of stock issue, pending claims, program declaration, degrowing product lines, piled-up inventory, direct benefit redemption and more.

“Our experienced team is dedicated to the delivery of exceptional customer experiences at every opportunity through our cutting-edge products, especially designed in the pursuit of innovation. We stay abreast of latest trends in the areas of technology and business domain in order to ensure that our customers differentiate themselves from the competition while increasing their efficiency and cutting costs,” concludes Anupam.