TEAMSTREAMZ: A Holistic and Human-centric Approach towards Channel Management

CIO Vendor In order to penetrate deep into the market and win at retail, large brands depend on multi-tiered distribution channels to help them drive revenue by widely distributing their products and services into the market. However, a vast majority of businesses remain uninformed about the situation beyond the first level of distributors due to complex distribution structures involving several entities and their varied business interests. The lack of direct connectivity amongst these entities adds to the challenge. Therefore, brands find it difficult to influence and increase their brand preference at the final point of sales. Moreover, businesses are crippled by the conventional approach towards the application of technology in sales enablement with no specific and integrated strategy to achieve data linkage and correlate the information to increase sales.

Helping businesses better manage their multi-tiered distribution channels by enabling better connectivity and engagement with an integrated and human-centric approach is TeamStreamz, a Singapore headquartered company with its development centre in Bangalore and users across 70+ countries.

TeamStreamz provides sales and marketing technology solutions to enhance all the areas of complex channel management that involve distributors, promoters, retail sales teams, etc. “So far, businesses have experienced the impact of digitization in patches and silos, thus failing to draw analytics from the data that can be used to optimize the business strategies. Many players in the market mainly focus on the workflow and process optimization and lack the human-centric approach. After all, it is a human who is performing the tasks on the ground. Therefore, we design solutions keeping in mind the end-user of the application by blending behavioural science principles into our user experience,” informs Jawahar Kanjilal, Co-Founder and CEO. The company’s solutions complement the existing distributor management systems and can easily be integrated with other softwares like SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, etc. to add extra value to the clients.

Keeping Channels Sales Ready
The TeamStreamz platform enables brands to drive preference right down to the ‘Edge’ of the Channel, keeping the millions of retail outlets always sales-ready. And in order to ensure sales readiness, TeamStreamz informs,
involves and empowers its users by providing them with the latest products and scheme information, engaging and motivating them through gamification and loyalty programs, instantly rewarding them for their learnings and sales and offering them the right set of tools and techniques for improved individual performances, all integrated on a single platform.

“With customized apps created to enable every user type, we are also able to capture and process a lot of signals and data using Artificial Intelligence. The data collected is converted to intelligent nudges and recommendations that are then delivered back to the respective user, prompting them to do better and make the right decisions, thereby enhancing the overall productivity,” adds Kushal Bhomick, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer at TeamStreamz.

We deliver extensive data insights to help businesses make optimal decisions

The company also helps in encouraging client teams by engaging them in regional and sub-regional activities and sales contests and provides them with badges as a token of acknowledgement for their participation and success, which in turn keeps them motivated to accomplish more and drive revenues to the enterprise brands.

Seamless Cloud Transition with Security at Core
“Data security has always been the core of our GDPR compliant cloud solutions. We integrate the culture of data security into the organisation by making every employee aware of the continuously changing security policies through regular data security induction programmes. We help businesses seamlessly migrate to the cloud with our services and empower them to effectively manage their distribution channels,” concludes Sandeep Srivastava, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer.