Denave: Bringing About Sales Enablement End-to-End

CIO Vendor The global Sales Enablement platform market is expected to reach USD 2.6 billion by 2024, growing at a CAGR of 19.8 percent, according to a report by Research-And-Markets. However, despite the proliferation of advanced technologies and availability of a large number of sales enablement platforms, driving sales growth is still a challenging task for businesses. Unstructured data management and time-taking deployment of the sales platform are some of the key impediments affecting the sales prospects of businesses. Effective management of unstructured data which forms a major portion of enterprise data so as to derive business insights and increase the sales, has always been out of reach for businesses owing to lack of in house capabilities. Also, the huge gap that exists between the business strategy and actual solution implementation is preventing the sales teams from achieving the set business goals. Helping businesses leverage data and increase their sales by addressing all the aspects of the sales cycle is Denave, a Noida headquartered company.

Denave offers end-to-end sales enablement solutions that help to improve the efficiency and efficacy of sales strategies of businesses. The company’s wide range of Sales Process Automation Tools cater to every stage of the seller’s journey and deliver last mile connectivity between the stakeholders. Apart from the sales enablement tools and solutions, the company also provides various services such as Intelligent Database, Retail Analytics, Telesales, Digital Marketing, Field Sales and Marketing, Retail Audits & Visual Merchandising, Sales Training etc. to help businesses improve their sales and revenue. “Majority of the players in the market today are focusing on buyer’s journey, completely neglecting the seller’s point of view. We believe that that unless sellers are empowered, all the sales enablement efforts go in vain. Hence, we have designed solutions that cater
to every aspect of the sales cycle and help bridge the gap between strategy and implementation while reducing deployment time,” informs Snehashish Bhattacharjee, Global CEO & Co-Founder, Denave.

Data Insights to Identify Growth Drivers
Unlike many players in the market who focus on some specific segments of the ecosystem, Denave dives deep into every segment of the sales cycle such as identifying new potential buyers, generating sales qualified leads, closing the sales loop etc. and helps businesses improve revenue by delivering end-to-end solutions in its truest sense. The company’s sales process automation tools which include DenSales, DenCRM, DenTrack, DenREX help drive sales process implementation, increase productivity, standardize data output, collate and analyze market feedback. Through intelligent data assessment techniques, Denave’s Retail Analytics solution help businesses identify the growth drivers to boost sales and delivers actionable data insights by integrating and analyzing the data from multiple platforms.

We have designed solutions that cater to every aspect of the sales cycle and help bridge the gap between strategy and implementation while reducing deployment time

“We leverage break-through innovation and cutting edge technology along with right combination of skilled people, scientific methodologies and uniformly standardized processes to conceive a robust sales enablement strategy for our clients. Being a pioneer in the field of sales enablement, we offer our technology solutions and services to various industries such as IT, Telecom, Oil and Natural Gas, Retail and FMCG,” concludes Snehashish.